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When do I need a Business Associate Agreement?

To BAA or Not to BAA, that is the question.  I had to go there, how often do you get too?  There are several checks and balances a covered entity should be completing to minimize risk when establishing a new relationship with a vendor, contractor, consultant, etc.   767 more words

Risk Management

Home Contracting Process

Constructing the own home is like shaping the most sought after dream.

First – Do a financial plan : The Financial Plan is the base of good contracting a home. 220 more words

The Somewhat Confusing World Of CONTRACTs for CONTRACTors and subCONTRACTors

 Written by Jared Perkoski, Sales Exec at FBinsure

Whether you are a Snow Contractor, a Landscape Contractor or a General Contractor, at some point you will most likely hire one or more subcontractors. 499 more words

Business Insurance