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Style Your Universe Winner Announcement and Interview

Geek Fashion Week is so happy to announce our styling contest winner, Mariel. She put three beautiful looks using a great black and white Star Wars sheath dress from… 535 more words

Geek Fashion Week 2015

Dressing the ROUND Body Shape

The round body shape, also known as an apple, is characterized by fullness in the midriff without a defined defined waistline. 

If you have a bit of a tummy and you bust, waist and hip measurements all about the same (or your waist measurement is largest), you’re considered a round.  195 more words

Dressing the TRIANGLE Body Shape

The triangle shape, also known as a pear, is characterized by hips that are larger than your shoulder/bust line. The triangle body is larger below the waist than above. 116 more words

Dressing the RECTANGLE Body Shape

The rectangle shape, also known as a “straight” or “ruler” shape, is defined by balanced hips and shoulders/bust with minimal waist definition.

The rectangle usually has a small bottom with minimal hip fat and a waist that is only one to eight inches smaller than the bust. 132 more words

Dressing the INVERTED TRIANGLE Body Shape

The inverted triangle shape, also known as a diamond, is characterized by a wider shoulder and/or bust line with narrow hips with minimal waist indentation. 177 more words

Dressing the HOURGLASS body shape 

The hourglass shape is characterized by balanced hips and shoulders with a defined waist.  If your bust and hip measurements are the same, or within an inch of one another, and your waist is at least nine inches smaller than your hip/bust measurement, you’re an hourglass! 193 more words

#AEOSTYLE ROUNDUP: College Fashionista Spring Break Edition

Throughout the Month of March, we partnered with College Fashionista to bring you the best spring break travel guides. 5 style gurus put together packing and to-do lists for 5 different cities to ensure that your spring break was the best one yet. 134 more words