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If the manufacturer claims that their  dish detergent kills 80 germs, that sounds like a good thing.

But if the dish detergent kills 80 germs out of 800 possibilities, I’m thinkin’ that’s not so good. 74 more words


The Incurious Media

Standing beside Hillary’s remora and not a single question comes to mind…

Huma Abedin and yours truly about to hit the red carpet #WHCD http://t.co/Nd7o9AJKa3…

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The "best" friend

When I start having dreams my boyfriend is cheating, I start snooping.

After the panties incident, I held off looking through his phone, but one night I decided to look to put my mind at ease, that’s when I found he was sexting his “best friend”. 508 more words


Confused Freshman Brings Live Pig to Darty

Earlier today, during the annual Pigtostal Darty, graciously held at the several swim houses off campus, one particular student stood out more so than the rest. 354 more words

Notre Dame

"Psyche's Dilemma"

Of all the ageless states of stupidity,
There is none more baseless,
Or benign,
As the compulsion to love,
One who feels no love in return. 203 more words

Stop Putting Up with Crap!

Imagine this: You are at Tesco. You grab a carton of milk and a loaf of bread. You queue up at the express counter. There are five people in front of you. 1,593 more words

Fa Abdul

Xenophobia Outdated

I sit on the bus. All eyes on phones, ears plug into a different reality. Taking people away from this moment – that is – on the bus. 383 more words