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Hard Working Musicians and Some Not So Hard Working Musicians

When I sit down to write a song, I write a song. That means, I have a vocal melody, chords and a certain feel behind it. 755 more words


AVOID STUPIDITY… at all costs!

This is what I noted to myself after what happened few hours ago. My wife, my toddler son and I drove back home after having dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant and we parked our car in our apartments’ parking lot. 693 more words


Defining Dumbass

dumbass (plural dumbasses)

  1. (US, vulgar, slang) A stupid or foolish person.

The dumbass walked off with my car keys and left me hers. 913 more words

Common Sense

Arab Springboard

Arab Springboard

Barack touted the damn Arab Spring.
Oh, the hymns he was eager to sing
to unfettered inversion
and jihadist incursion!
Now it’s summer — and chaos is king. 6 more words

Real World Events Are Sports

There are two flat screens  –  one is tuned to CNN, the other to an “all sports, all the time” channel. One was showing video clips of the chaos in Egypt; the other was broadcasting a college basketball game. 120 more words


Same Sex Couple Refuses To Take Yes For An Answer


Jewellery store sign prompts same-sex couple to ask for refund – CBC

A same-sex couple from St. John’s is upset after discovering the jewellery store that sold them their engagement rings has posted a sign that seems to oppose same-sex marriage — but one of the store’s owners says he’s allowed to post his religious beliefs.


It Takes One to Know One

I almost misspelled “government” in this strip. See you in the pokey.