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Giving People The Benefit of The Doubt

There is a lot to be learned by noticing to whom and to what you give the benefit of the doubt.

Your habit of automatically extending the benefit of the doubt to people is STUPID. 81 more words



At fifty years of age, having now buried my father and father-in-law due to lung cancer, and caring every day for my wife as she suffers the effects of breast cancer, and having just learned of the cancer diagnosis of another friend, I find my tolerance for what I call “manufactured drama,” those ultimately insignificant (or moderately annoying at most) parts of life rapidly subsiding. 1,045 more words


United States No Longer World's Economic Superpower

The United States’ economy has been on the decline for decades.

Forget about government statistics, the government either falsifies or incorrectly calculates ALL economic statistics. 141 more words


“Top 40 or hip FM–whatever the standardized form of pop music might be–has an infinite capacity for dullness and stupidity. We’ll never know when we hit bottom.”

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Baseball Players: Highly skilled Athletes...

Spring Training has just begun and so have the injuries. In no particular order, here are some of asinine injuries that have befallen these highly athletic specimens. 108 more words


The prodigious paranoia of solitude

With a fist full of smoke we dance around the bonfire, aloud with the sounds of our own revelling in the fecal matter projected onto the shifting sands. 940 more words