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Awe man!! I’m so jealous of you holiday!! Can’t you like just stuff me in your suitcase..??

Most of us have uttered these words and then directly after that forgot them and even softly cursed your friend for not inviting you in the first place, but that’s about it…That was not the case… 85 more words


So, I decided to try to lose ten pounds. Just ten. Not a big deal. Not a ton of weight. Just enough to make my jeans a little less snug and perhaps make me feel a little better about myself. 940 more words

Porsche's are great, but they're not invincible

There should probably be a mandatory intelligence test before purchasing an expensive car.


Someone's got problems.

That’s Jacqueline Lasdon, nightlife performer, whatever that means, and she inherited a lot of money ($2.5 Million) to waste her time doing this. Do I care what she does with her grampa’s trust fund inheritance? 9 more words


March 30th, 2015

Stupid Things Allison Did Today (Volume Two):


Tried to wear a shoe-box instead of her shoes

Got cereal up her nose


…Allison needs more sleep…


I Have No One To Share....

My feelings, emotions, have intellectual or even stupid talks with. I feel that I am driving people away from real life and this forum. It may sound depressive ruminations but my emotions and feelings are real even if my thoughts are negative and unreal. 59 more words