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The one where the woman got kicked in the face .... because of me

Yesterday something happened which will remain with me for quite some time.  Forever possibly.  It’ll be that thing that I lie awake at night thinking about and wondering if I had acted differently would the outcome have been affected. 1,259 more words

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas ...........

Its a tricky kind of year – what to get that man in your life when it appears he has everything.

You just bought him shit for Christmas, and that was hard enough because he seems to only have one interest — and it will usually be something that either requires golf clubs, cycling shorts or a fishing rod. 97 more words

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The stuff I learn from the Crime Investigation Channel ....

I like documentaries.  Unfortunately reality television has managed to find it’s way into nearly every channel, and reality television makes me want to bang my shin against the coffee table — really hard. 677 more words

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I am a feminist because .... * I don't think we should be telling our girls to get labia augmentation ....

… the worst insult is to be compared to a woman

… because I believe the world should be safe for women and girls .. everywhere… 432 more words

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They are back singing about knots ......

I love loved and still do love “”What Does the Fox Say?” — I still listen to it, I am that person.

The guys are back and have made another almost as catchy song, Trucker’s Hitch.

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