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Knowledge is power - 5 things that make studying worth it

One very smart person, who knows a lot more about blogging that I do (Hi, VROOBELEK) told me once that her secret lies in pointing things out in order to make it more clear for readers. 828 more words


Musings on giving up, losing hope, and taking things easy

I’m pretty sure I’ve never done an original thing in my life. Which is why I’m sure a lot of my fellow students must be in the same position in which I find myself. 265 more words

Me And Moi

House maid time is surprisingly scant

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I always considered time to be flexible. If you’re having fun, doing the things you want to do, it flies by. The fun times are over in what feels like seconds and you are thrust back into the mundanity of normal life. 376 more words


Starting my first Dutch course (yes, it's online)

Hoi! Remember when I mentioned an upcoming post about my University choices & goals? Well this is part of it. I suppose one thing is clear, and that is Netherlands is my first choice to pursue my tertiary education in. 295 more words

New Blogger


People with a degree don’t always know what they’re talking about.


Life is a journey

When I was in elementary school and junior high school, I got bad grades. My teacher and some other people, including my parents, thought that I’m too stupid to learn. 365 more words

The best of both worlds

I decided to stop at Devon House this past Friday at mid-day,  as I was about to walk by it to take a taxi back to campus. 475 more words