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High School Anyone?

I grew up in a small city named Romulus. Romulus, Michigan. Which is only small if you don’t consider the international airport right in the middle of it. 597 more words


Summer & Japan Related News

Hey guuuuuuyyyyys!!! ❤(ӦvӦ。)

I managed to survive my junior year of college and started summer vacation. I’ve been back home since May 15th, but my computer continues to give me problems. 637 more words

Pantastic Post

an ode to ireland, day one


i loved you before i met you, yet i knew ye in me heart.

music and nature and genuine welcoming, how is’t we’ll ever part? 38 more words

Mjeeby Explains: Being Home...

it is a very love hate relationship!

Sorry it’s been very quiet. I’m currently surrounded by bags and boxes of stuff.

It only took me about 6 hours with distractions to pack everything at the uni end. 230 more words


Realizations and Reactions: Italy

One week. I have one week left in Italy.

To be honest, I’m just starting to feel like I’m actually here. I feel… present. It took me two weeks and a few days, but I finally am  747 more words


Farewell, Barcelona

TGIF! The students of “A Creative Journey” met this morning for the final Barcelona class session, with sadness of Spain’s farewell, and the anticipation for our adventures in Germany. 579 more words