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Home Sweet Home

I can officially say that Tarragona is truly starting to feel like my home, or at least my permanent residence for now since college students are always on the go. 353 more words

And so it begins

I am finally here!!

I arrived in Korea four days ago and it has been great so far. Although I am jet lagged (and starting to get a cold) it is such a blast here. 119 more words

Exchange Semester


Hello everyone!

This post will (hopefully) be my first of many to come. What I’m planning is a blog compiled of interesting thoughts and occurrences that happen; Life in Japan, student exchange, romance, nature and more. 98 more words

Teaching and travels: These are a few of my favourite things

My machen is morphing into mochen, hallo has been replaced with griaß di and I no longer commit the cardinal sin of using Brötchen… 934 more words

From There to Here, From Here to There

To be completely honest, I had been wrestling with the idea of studying abroad up until my departure. Having settled into NYU just over a year before, as a transfer student, I was hesitant to leave NYC and my close friends behind. 467 more words

Life in Sojuland!!! Chapter 2!~ Korean registration war....

It’s Saturday again so it’s time for chapter 2!!! Well I am one day late because of internet problems…. but anyway!!!

This past week has been one with up and downs for me…. 832 more words


A beginning

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for months, but I kept putting it off – quite like all my other responsibilities. I was waiting for a spark, that one idea that was so unique I just had to write a blog about it. 101 more words

New Zealand