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Good Friday... A Good Time to Gather Materials

The sun was out on Friday, and it was by far one of the most beautiful days that Studio V has experienced since we have been in Charleston. 318 more words

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The Grand Reveal

On Friday we finally got to reveal our completed Crop Stop 1 to the local farmers. Early on Friday morning we made the finishing touches on Crop Stop 1 in preparation of the farmers arrival. 105 more words

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Design Phase

Today marks the first day of the design phase of Crop Stop 2!  However, just because we are now working on Crop Stop 2 doesn’t mean Crop Stop 1 is forgotten about.   283 more words

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The Kitchen is Coming Together

Today, Monday February 2nd, we met at the shop in Charleston. We loaded up all of the kitchen supplies for the Crop Stop 1 and delivered it on Johns Island. 219 more words

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Wrapping Up The Weekend!

What a weekend!! Though a tiring weekend, it was so much fun meeting the Solar D team and starting the mock-up construction of Cropstop 2 with the sim construction method. 121 more words

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Pop Revit

3D model in Revit

Elevations of each wall

Separately from the Mystery Mockup, but still very much connected to it in the methodology, is the full spectrum of the interior to the Solar Decathlon cabinetry.  582 more words

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Weekend Warriors

A week ago today we were at the Simmons St. shop cutting, painting and pre-assembling the lumber in anticipation for a marathon build up in Greenville.   180 more words

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