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Little known facts about lefties

(*DISCLAIMER: These are just stats, they don’t apply to everyone*)

By: Nate Thomas

They make up 10% of our population, and chances are everyone reading this article is one, or knows at least one. 773 more words

Random thoughts about my childhood

Laptops to Palmtops

When I was younger and technology wasn’t so advanced yet, I thought laptops would evolve into “palmtops” – something like the Chines e-dictionary that we used. 985 more words

Crocodile Watercolor, headshot

Oh crocodiles, I would have one of my own if I could. This is a painting, not a photo, all done in watercolor over the course of 16 hours or more. 35 more words


This Just In

When I was young peanut butter was the mainstay for every family and every child, and now the majority of kids have allergies to peanut butter; wha, wha, what?! 298 more words


Virginia's Got The Fastest Broadband In The U.S., But South Korea's Still The Speed Fiend's Place To Be

It’s that time again! Internet company Akamai keeps a sharp eye on the state of broadband at home and abroad, and delivers a quarterly report lining up just how we’re doing. 633 more words

Post Kyoto Protocol Negotiations Role play

As a part of the policy component of our Climate Science and Policy course, we took part in a role play about climate negotiation talks. Different countries and organisations were represented at our mock UNFCCC negotiations, which took place in lovely Norrköping. 415 more words