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Those were the days my friend.

I have had no time to write on my blog lately. Between my course work and the family I feel like I have been running around like a headless Chicken. 120 more words

A Trip To The Movies

I just lovve going to the movies. When you barely feel like leaving your house, let alone going to a club and being sociable, meeting a few friends to see a film and inevitably going for a chilled out drink before/afterwards is the perfect answer. 481 more words


Ends and beginnings

First day of uni was great. I’ve liked all my professors so far, and have even met a few interesting people from my course. I made a friend because I forgot my pencil case at home, too. 227 more words


Mike's Weekend Special 

Decided to be extremely daring this weekend and mix a land animal with a sea animal. That’s right, chicken dippers and fish fingers on the same plate. 74 more words


Justifying an Unpaid Internship

Posting this enlight of my current interest in obtaining a job/internship/experience in the media field!

Students are broke. It’s a true statement, it’s even a hashtag… #brokestudent – seriously, you wanna feel better about your life, or at least less sad, search this on Twitter. 563 more words


Tumble out of bed, stumble to the kitchen...

Yes that’s me, working 9 till 5, what a way to make a living!!
This week has seen the start of my new job, and I’m also doing 2 other jobs alongside that. 297 more words


University Life

So life at university is a completely different life! Most of my friends i know take to it amazingly and have been and always will be comfortable here whereas i would say for me that it is something a little different to get used to. 240 more words