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My Thoughts on Group Work

I’ll be honest. I don’t like group work. It is not because I don’t like working with others. It is because I’m a motivated, punctual learner and the groups I have been in in the past have not had these characteristics. 332 more words


Creating a Study Group

When I create study groups in my classes I create a sign-up sheet. Students can create their own groups (no more than 4) and they must fill in their information on the sign-up sheet. 81 more words


Bias Effects Critical Thinking

A person’s bias can affect their critical thinking abilities as follows:

  1. Clarity: Using examples that prove a point and ignoring examples that counter it
  2. Accuracy: Not checking the facts that support a point…
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Rowan's Education Opportunity Funds organization (EOF) and Maximizing Academic Potential Program organization (MAP) hosts a big end of the year cookout for students, faculty and staff

The cookout was hosted  on May 2nd, at the basketball court behind mimosa hall. It was a success as over 90 students showed up. Penny McPherson, the assistant vice president for academic enrichment and the director of the Education Opportunity Funds (EOF), was the host of the event. 223 more words

The Other Side Of Finals Week

An hour ago I went down to the convenience store to get my traditional night time snack. The store is normally deserted or housing a few souls when I arrive there at half past 10. 1,090 more words


Ithaca Faves

As astounding as it seems, I have to own up to the reality at hand: I leave Ithaca in 11 days, at which point I’ll no longer be a freshman. 1,004 more words


May the 4th be with you

today is the first day of finals week. I had my micro exam at 11am and if you read my other blog, then you know it didn’t go to well. 145 more words