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The Question of Big Brother

By Spencer Bradley ’16

During the past few weeks, the Senate has been debating the House-approved bill: The USA Freedom Act. The bill is a reaction to the actions of the Obama administration and a revision to the much maligned USA Patriot Act, extending some provisions of the Patriot Act while limiting the power of the NSA to gather bulk-data. 809 more words

Student Op-Eds

One History, Two Nations, Thousands of Deaths, and No Solution: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Ruben Kon, Fall 2014 Intern at The Eisenhower Institute’s DC office

Of all world conflicts, none seems to be as explosive and insoluble as the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. 1,467 more words

Student Op-Eds

Blurred Lines: The NSA’s Cyber Surveillance and Security

Andrea Buchanan ’15

A year ago, Edward Snowden rocked the foundational trust of the public with when he exposed documents that showed that the phone records of millions of Americans had been collected by the National Security Agency (NSA). 1,021 more words

Student Op-Eds