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Tallinn: A Cruise Trip in Winter

Among my friends, a cruise trip to Tallinn has long been in our agenda, yet of course there were many things to be put into considerations while arranging this kind of trip. 663 more words


New beginnings

The past weeks I’ve been quite consumed with finishing up my 4th semester of studying Business and Advertising Psychology, packing up my stuff and planning ahead for the year ahead – I will be spending the next 6 months in Frankfurt, Germany for an internship with Lufthansa. 163 more words


Being A Really Dreadful Student Counsellor

At one point in my chequered career, I was responsible for supporting and advising student teachers. Part of this involved overseeing their placements in practice schools. 257 more words


Room for Improv-ment

Before I left Sydney, a fantastic Sandberg-ian mentor gave me a piece of advice: to take the opportunity of starting fresh as a student here at Oxford to fail at something. 502 more words


Dear First Years,

Firstly, welcome to uni life! Secondly, there are some tips I’d like to share with you in order to make the school-to-uni transition as easy as possible for you. 558 more words


Late night library conversations

A few days ago, I was sitting in the library at UTAS in Launceston and luck would have it that I had the pleasure of overhearing to 2 students I had recognised from the year level below mine of the… 399 more words


Day 66/188: Oh My Wizard Gods!

“Oh God, do they need to do that here?”
“You could ignore them, there’s no need to grass.”
“Don’t you mean ‘snitch’?”
“What does Quidditch have to do with this?” 65 more words