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Resuming normal transmission.

Sorry folks, last night I had a bad turn with my sugars and went into a hypo with my diabetes. It left me very much on the exhausted side – so I didn’t post. 190 more words

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28 June restocking session

Well, I’ve been to the shops and I have food. Which is always a nice outcome for anyone, I think.

I’m rather annoyed, because I’ve just realised that I don’t have a receipt from the greengrocer’s. 814 more words

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Back to Grover Cleveland 56-57

A friend in need. I hope you have had lots of friends, and if some were in need you helped.  Lets go back to the ending of the Spring semester at Syracuse.   2,198 more words


15 Things from my Student Kitchen

So I moved back from university on Saturday and packing everything was such an ordeal! Pretty much half of my belonging were from the kitchen. I’ve acquired some really useful things but also some really pointless and  weird things. 295 more words

Lope Ariyo

... I had a steak for $2

So this one time I paid $2 and received a steak.

This is the sort of bargain that would spark madness at home. But down on the Gold Coast this happens every single Sunday at… 179 more words

Study Abroad

Today I ate far more than I needed to at a food party at my Thursday lunch group.

However, I had the sausages out for dinner so I made the planned casserole. 245 more words

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I need to be elsewhere this evening, so there’s a need for one dinner that can be served at two different times without deteriorating overly. 184 more words

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