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You are special no matter what

Dear adult and children’s  ,teens ,gender fluid , bisexual, pansexuals, gays ,and all the races ,etc

You are all beautiful , remember that , it doesn’t matter if your not who your parents want to be , it doesn’t matter if you small or big , it doesn’t matter if you like men or women or both , it doesn’t matter if you love someone younger or older as long as you both agree. 237 more words



When we’re young we automatically look to someone else to blame for our problems. It’s instinctual. Functioning with our “ID” as Freud would say. “All about me” “what about me?” “I do what feels good.” We expect for humans to grow up, wise up, and become mature. 541 more words

July 3, 2015

Today, my mom and I went down to Sycamore, IL to visit my dad’s grave (I have today off due to the 4th); he would be gone for 19 years as of July 6. 355 more words

Life Events


Hey all! Friend and fellow blogger Jen has given me the Three Quotes Challenge. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that it’s almost impossible for me to shy away from a challenge. 444 more words


Crying Baby on the Highway

I think whoever said that babies love cars didn’t have a baby.  Babies hate the car!  At least my little babies do.  My 10-week-old, Phoebe, just screams her heart out in the car and nothing much will soothe her other than reaching our destination and saving her from her personal hell.   1,054 more words

Anecdote • 1

Sa panahon ngayon, madami nang hindi naniniwala sa forever sa kadahilanang hindi nagtatagal ang relasyon nila. Yung ‘i love you’s, nagiging ‘okay’ nalang. Yung ‘ingat ka lagi’, nagiging ‘ge ingat’ nalang. 69 more words



Recently, I have kind of hidden myself away like a hermit crab. Yes, I had a very select few that I could manage to talk to but anxiety seemed to follow my every move. 647 more words