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The struggle you are in today, is the strength you need tomorrow :)


Comedian Filmmaker's Las Vegas Adventure (Part 1)

In February of 2014, I tried to re-register my car with the Nevada DMV. I found out that my car had fines on it due to my insurance lapsing. 757 more words

Life Talks


Here we are again. Failed escape attempt #3. It is unfortunate that I was unable to manage even a single blog entry while I was back in the sunshine, because then you could live the breakdown with me, all the way back into this chair where I sip my tea, bundled up and glaring at the rain. 971 more words


Velvet handcuffs

Invisible and binding

growing tighter as I shrink

Cut past flesh and bone

These bonds

oppressive and unbearable

serve as

Constant reminders of my price

Creative Writing

Secure Insecurities.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection.
With a lot of major life changes happening and coming up in the next few months, I’ve been deliberately and desperately searching within myself and in Christ to figure out who I am, and who I want to be – and where (and if) those two align. 1,513 more words


SO… I broke up with my ex about this time last year, around easterish 2014 I think. Around July I finally started hanging out with my friends again and going out and enjoying myself! 1,865 more words



When it comes to the things that directly affect me and my life… I need to have control (as i feel like most of us would say the same. 280 more words