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Clearing Up Misconceptions about Steroids

Steroids get a bad rap in the non-gym world, and while many aspects of steroid use are harmful and people have every right to judge steroid use, there are also some misconceptions about their use that should be cleared up. 339 more words


Stop Feeling Guilty And Then Change

Did you procrastinate yesterday? Did you do or not do something that you feel guilty about?

You don’t need to, and I think you shouldn’t. The person who procrastinated was you, so take responsibility, but you could change your life at any moment. 189 more words


Dear Me

Dear Me

Do I sound like a proper southern gal?

Far from it sweetheart

Dear Diary

Today sucks

So did yesterday

Dear Julie

You are much stronger than you think

Stick with it babe.

Bitch & Moan

It's OK not to be ready

Sometimes you do have to say no because you aren’t ready….

I have talked about this topic before but I want to talk about something particular today. 232 more words


The Impossible Dream - What do you fight for?

I ended my last post with: “You are worth the fight.” Now, what are you fighting for?

One of my favorite singers in Roy Hamilton, a singer from around the 1960s. 165 more words


First Post

I’m a college student in my early twenties. Until now, my life has been dominated by inactivity, timidity, and ultimately fear. The scariest part is that until recently, I didn’t even know this. 74 more words