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It's a Juggling Act

Keeping a balanced lifestyle is important for well-being and happiness.  Do your job, but take time for other activities or hobbies you enjoy doing.  Exercise regularly but get proper rest.  66 more words

Workout Wednesdays // Week three.

Hey there!

I happy to report that week two went much, much smoother than the first one. Not only did I reach my three times a week quota with my pin, but I went to the gym as well! 173 more words


Weightlifting - the CrossFit pyramid, from the bottom up.

So if you’ve read the previous two posts (here and here) you’ve probably got an idea of where I’m going to go with this now. 882 more words


Muscle Mass

Before he gained two hundred pounds, Elmer was a scrawny, emaciated little man. He found it difficult to lift a bag of potatoes at the grocery store, let alone anything with heft. 239 more words

Short Story



I’ve been thinking about what I’ve been feeling
And it seems that I am in a good place
My deeds are measured and my misdeeds have been replaced… 319 more words

Sense Nonsense