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Gentle Leanings

“Lean in gently, my dear.”

I love it when a baby first starts leaning toward the one he wants to hold him. He looks into your face intently as if to make sure you’re his person, then there’s just a small shift, a sway, a gentle lean. 503 more words

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Spiritual Hands

Since Tim’s stroke he has been numb on his right side from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. There’s no pain, burning or tingling just a strange lack of feeling, an aggravation, a reminder that he’s not the same as he used to be. 584 more words

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I had lunch with a lady earlier this week to discuss options for her brother, a stroke survivor.  We were talking for a while and she asked “so what are the options for stroke victims?”  I responded “there really aren’t any.”  There aren’t.  198 more words


The Year of His Grace

If you would have asked us a year ago if we would consider taking time out of our busy lives to go on a wilderness journey for training, I think we would have seriously considered it. 440 more words

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Italian Cream Cake

The last time Tim cried was in the wee hours of the morning on September 27th. Just hours after the stroke, with Joel staying through the night with him, they received the results of the MRI and the news of the severity of damage. 562 more words

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Coming Out Of Hiding (A Collaborative Effort With Hannah B)

We went to church this weekend. TO said, “Get your butts back to church, it’s time.” (Not his exact words😊) It had been such a deep longing of mine to be back with the body of believers that we love and are so familiar with after 15+ years of ministry together but Tim just wasn’t ready so we waited until this weekend. 743 more words

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Practice Makes Perfect


Our kids used to have a coach with the mantra:

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect;

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

It made our kids crazy but he probably had a point. 632 more words

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