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KMP (Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm)

KMP কি?

kmp স্ট্রিং ম্যাচিং এ্যালগরিদম। Kmp লিনিয়ার টাইমে একটা স্ট্রিং T তে একটা প্যাটার্ন স্ট্রিং P কতবার আছে এবং কোন কোন পজিশনে আছে তা বের করে। 573 more words


Program Menghitung Frekuensi Kata dalam Kalimat

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Dalam pengolahan string, kita pasti tidak asing lagi dengan yang namanya menghitung frekuensi kata dalam kalimat. Penghitungan frekuensi kata ini banyak digunakan untuk pemrosesan teks. 232 more words


Day 105: I Am Installation and Films

Today was spent setting up my installation for the interlocking brief. This took all morning as I needed to print and put up 58 different ‘I Am Inspirational’ photos and then connect some of them with string to show how all my influences are interlocking. 11 more words

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MySQL Find In Set String Function

In this section we are looking at the find in set MySQL function. The function tells

you in which value in a range the specified word exists in. 90 more words


To sleep

For a number of years, I’ve had a playlist on what ever music player I happen to have at any given time. It wasn’t always called “To Die – To Sleep” but there it is.  18 more words