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God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress. – Kelly Clarkson

It was just another day at work.

Paperwork was piling up.

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New research into the benefits of growing

Researchers in Japan have examined the effects of growing plants on a group of women experiencing PTSD after a recent (2011) earthquake in Japan.

These results demonstrate that the growing of plants…

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Mental Health Recovery

Day 138: Week 20 Weigh-in - Kayaking Anyone?

I have had a very tough week.

I have had days this week when the grief of the loss of what I thought was a loving, decent husband and a best friend had become so unbearable that I found myself crying inconsolably. 498 more words

Cambridge Weight Plan

Book Excerpt - 'Patterns in Your Body' - Your Upper Back and Shoulders

Receiving support from ourselves and others

The upper back and shoulders can be affected if a person does not have enough support in their life from themselves and/or others i.e. 76 more words


Coping skills or things to do instead of obsessing over food and hurting yourself

  1. Go for a walk and pay special attention to your surroundings; take a photo of anything that you ring interesting
  2. Walk your dog if you have one, play with it actively, teach it a new trick…
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First Update of the Month

I have to say, it was nice to have Sarah back this week! Being in charge of everything last week and having no-one to bounce ideas off was rather stressful! 203 more words



I don’t have a lot to say and yet I have a lot to say, pals. There’s a lot going on as always, and my head is always full, but there’s not a lot I can just publicly unload here. 412 more words

Really Deep Thoughts