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Exams and Birthdays

I just want to vent how stressful, annoying and inconvenient having a birthday in May/June can be. Im an A-level student who turns 18 in May, am I going to do something for it? 63 more words

Weight Loss a struggle? Attached to weight are many emotions

Take Our Poll

Above is a link to a simple poll.  As a professional Counsellor / Psychotherapist, I see many clients who have weight loss problems, and attached to this issue are emotions that haunt us from the past. 39 more words


Too Harsh of Criticism.

“The less you respond to rude, critical argumentative people, the more peaceful your life will become.”- Mandy Hale

At school today, we got back a huge comprehensive exam from one of our professors. 273 more words


How is the Tip-Toeing in Paleo Going?

It’s going…fine. A big appeal of this blog is the opportunity to be honest with myself (and you out there in virtual land). I have to be honest – I’m feeling pretty bummed lately about my poor paleo performance. 1,131 more words



Planner Square: 5K @ 8:30

I love competition especially athletic competitions.   I prefer semi-contact sports that offer a… uh… (healthy?) outlet for my aggression; however, depending on a team proves challenging at times especially at my age; you know with people having other priorities like families, jobs and bills to pay.  513 more words

The Real Talk

Hey there beautiful bandeles!

I have not written any deep stuff lately or even anything at all, whatsoever. So, there we go. Today I want to have a real talk with you, like really. 576 more words