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Barbell Row, alias Bent Over Row

Drum rolls everyone, the “Exercise of the Week” section is back! This week the barbell row is in the spotlight. I have to admit I chose it thinking it will be quick and easy to describe and explain it as it’s one of the fundamental strength exercises and I thought as such the way to complete it must be a standard, with no discussion. 351 more words


Just A Few Words

I’m in a bit of a mood this week.  Trying to write but can’t get out what I want to say.  Not sure what’s up exactly.   200 more words

Domestic Violence

I Do

They slice through the bravado and false machismo

Spear to the heart of sinew and strain

Make jelly of the muscle so eagerly made

With no cologne, no designer suit able to mask them… 30 more words


Fitting in and Pleasing others

So today I decided to talk about something that I struggle with and I’m sure that most people struggle with to, Fitting in and pleasing others… 469 more words



The sparrow waltzing in the night

Young and curious and tame

Daringly gazed in the light

With wonder, danced within the flame

Enlightened was her little world… 128 more words


It Takes Time

I had a panic attack earlier this week.

It’s been almost a year and a half since my last serious moment. It came out of nowhere. 498 more words