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Deal 243 Preview

The Sphinx:
To KNOW Past experience.
To WILL Gramophone.
To DARE Strength.

Daily Deal

Mental Breakdown

Thoughts of you,

thought of me all you got,

Why can’t you give it a shot?

Breakdown, too much

I just want to feel your touch. 88 more words



Water gracefully
Gently wearing down mountains
Strength, freedom of force


Steel Anniversary

Helped load the truck for recycling trip this morning.
Old storm windows,
bits of metal,
and the porch swing I bought myself for my first solo Mother’s Day in 2004. 303 more words

Day 17: The Crab and his Claw

A crab had one ginormous claw. The rest of his legs were slender and brittle, but this one claw was beyond strong and mighty. He used it to find and kill his food, to hold on to kelp or rocks in storms so strong that they whipped through the water in huge currents, and he even once cut himself free from a fisherman’s line with it. 203 more words


What Inspires YOU?

Good Saturday morning my friends. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and I’m currently consuming a large bowl of egg white oats after a butt kicker of a run this morning. 613 more words

Trying to be a Woman

What makes a strong woman? Being a mother? A wife? A sister? A daughter? A friend?

These are all ideas that circulate my mind, when I attempt to answer this question, I have to take a look at the women in my life, I have to look at myself. 458 more words

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