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Life in an older home

This seems to be the week of stuff falling apart around my house. My closet door fell off it’s track and I haven’t figured out how to put it back on. 248 more words

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To Be A Man

Be A Man

When I was a kid, all
I wanted to do was
To be tough
That was all I was concerned about,
Growing up… 199 more words


“Small Victories are Still Victories!”: Personal Challenge, Chapter 2

The moral of the story is “Small victories are still victories!”

Weigh In Day. Need I say more? I woke with the thought of weigh-in day on my mind. 1,163 more words



-by Dr. Thomas J. Kleeman

“The muscles of your core work together to support posture, protect the spine and improve agility, balance and power, making core strength training an important part of any fitness routine. 467 more words


READY, Set, Fail!

I was recently duped into giving too much credit during a conversation with an employee.  They had a suggestion from which staff and the company could benefit (I later learned it was actually just to benefit them personally) and they wanted to present a formal “proposal.” I probed a little further and this was literally the response: 272 more words

Dulce Bozeman



Stuffing up my airway like a fever.


Coming for the souls of unbelievers.

I seek the seeker,

looking for his purpose on the bleachers… 180 more words


I Survived Falling 11 Stories And This Is What I Walked Away With

I was able to WALK away from a 72 foot fall almost untouched last June.

I have no recollection of anything that happened on the day of or the day before my fall. 1,099 more words