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5/22/2015 Flex Friday!

WarmUp50 Calories – Assault Bike (moderate pace)2 Sets of 15 Bulgarian Split Squats


WorkUp to a Heavy Single Back Squat



X4 Back Squat @ 75% of Heavy Single… 166 more words


2016 Regionals Prep Cycle – Re-test

Week Day 41. Warm-up

AMRAP 5 minutes

20 Assault Bike calories

10 OHS 65/45lbs

2. Strength

Work up to 4-7 heavy power cleans*

Work up to 4-7 heavy power snatch* 87 more words


Trickle into Me 

Spinning bottle caps

On everything you forgot
In such a hurry to leave
Now these boxes sit   like dead company

        Biting my nails    The snail trailing time     75 more words


Guilty by Association

How many times did you hear your parents say it?   You are who you hang around.   Careful who you pick to be your friends.  I don’t want you hanging around “Sally” I have been hearing some bad things about her.   1,168 more words


Group Training @ Press Fitness, La Jolla

Date: Wednesday, 6:00 am

Teacher: Nick

Cost: $10 to try, $23 for drop in, variety of packages

Length: 1 hr.

Sweat level: 8/10

Fun level: 623 more words


Understand THIS! (Seek Help)

If you chose to adopt an instrument- would you seek professional guidance? An instructor who would gradually teach you the necessary? Or would you embark on that journey alone? 92 more words


Receiving New Strength From The Lord

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, we’re up. Sometimes, we’re down. Sometimes, we’re up on the mountaintop. Sometimes, we’re down in the valley. We’re on an emotional rollercoaster! 710 more words