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staying cool

Today is the first day of summer according to my calendar.  No rain for the past few days and I am waking up to warm sunlight filtering through my bedroom windows in the early morning.   131 more words

Streets Of Tacloban

A day in the life...

I’ve read the news today, oh boy…

I have always been a Beatles fan.  There may or may not be any relation between this photo and the song which this blog title shares, except maybe for the opening first line.   9 more words

Streets Of Tacloban

finite bounty

Much has been said about teaching a man to fish…

…and much, much more has been said about going forth and multiplying.

If anyone were to heed the call to procreate, it should be the fishes in the ocean. 32 more words

Streets Of Tacloban

something old, something new

This used to be a copra warehouse.  It has been a copra warehouse for many years, maybe decades.  It now serves as a passenger terminal for vans for hire. 163 more words

Streets Of Tacloban

one of these days...

There wasn’t one single soul out on the beach today but me.  

The last time I’ve seen a different view of this vista was from the airport terminal 2 weeks ago.   67 more words

Streets Of Tacloban

out of focus

Pope Francis came to Tacloban City last Saturday to console the survivors of super typhoon Haiyan.  It was a very emotional event for everyone in attendance.   89 more words

Streets Of Tacloban