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It just doesn’t feel like a weekend is complete without a photo walk but there are times when we can’t do anything about it.  One day is just not enough to do everything I want to do, especially when it involves hitting the snooze button a hundred times before getting out of bed and catching an afternoon flight.   269 more words

Streets Of Tacloban

Palm Sunday

It’s that time of the year again when the pious gather around church altars to have their palm frond crosses blessed by priests.  It’s also a time when enterprising people get to share in some of the blessings by way of selling palm frond crosses outside these churches. 139 more words

Streets Of Tacloban

writings on the wall

This memorial was erected as a testament to the lives lost on November 8, 2013.  On it were the names of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends and neighbors.     13 more words

Streets Of Tacloban

on being thankful

Thankfulness is:

..not having to watch television through a neighbor’s windows;

..not being the one to burn in the sun while left to watch over the boat; 20 more words

Streets Of Tacloban

staying cool

Today is the first day of summer according to my calendar.  No rain for the past few days and I am waking up to warm sunlight filtering through my bedroom windows in the early morning.   131 more words

Streets Of Tacloban

A day in the life...

I’ve read the news today, oh boy…

I have always been a Beatles fan.  There may or may not be any relation between this photo and the song which this blog title shares, except maybe for the opening first line.   9 more words

Streets Of Tacloban