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Mop up for a Mini

The Vergennes Opera House has a “Women’s Fall Foliage Ralley’ that draws vehicles of all types. Usually held on the first Saturday in October, they’ll get some 40 participants. 123 more words

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Prop. Country Store

Back when Vermont was still Vermont, home of the Woodchucks, the farmers, the store owners and the towners, one could find an assortment of individuals that didn’t fit into the run of the mill people. 153 more words


When the shift is over

Wen I worked for the papers, I chose to work the night shift, we started at 15:30 and was to end at 24:00 but it rarely did. 119 more words


A warped world

One of those things one sees when walking on a city street IF one looks. This occurred on E57th St in NYC. I was coming back from my agent’s office and happened to see this new construction going up. 56 more words


A little rain falls

A group plans an outdoor fund raising fair, tents go up, balloons inflated and tables are placed. The weather does not cooperate and soggy footing, wet tables and few attendees dash hopes for a happy day. 32 more words

Street Views

Taking the mundane...

…photo that you thought was good, but turned out to be just a so-so image might have much more going for it if you look at it differently. 109 more words



Back in the stone age of newspaper work, everything was black and white except for the Sunday Rotogravure section of some large dailies. This isn’t actually a bad thing for in black and white, exposure is critical or one lost all the subtle details in the shadows and highlights. 167 more words

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