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Crook neck

Wandering through a farmer’s market in Leicester, looking over the offerings I came across this oddity. Turning it to get a photo brought a shout from a patron who was buying it and thought I had eyes on it too. 32 more words


Bikers Rule : Photo 101Rehab

The locals speed their bikes and motorbikes, shouting and cursing at distracted flock os tourists, totally unaware of the biker’s rules in the cycle paths. Bikers ‘rule’┬áthe city and one should not mess up with them. 654 more words


Burn off

Getting fields ready for planting requires a bit of work, not just discing under winter cover but in some cases burning off fields that were fallow for a year or two. 55 more words

Rural Life

This farm animal doesn't moo

Vermont has turned to more exotic animals as dairy prices have dropped. No, You’re not going to get a job in the parlor milking emu. These birds, along with elk and buffalo, are raised as meat stock as they appear on menus in restaurants and become common in food marts. 34 more words


Cash crop

Many dairy farms in Vermont have sold off or went bankrupt with the milk price drop. The pasture however becomes a positive cash flow since hay is in demand. 38 more words


Farm auctions

These are not always pleasant times. Lately many of these auctions are on farms that are going bankrupt. Farmers will come from around the area to see what is offered; they need machinery or tools, perhaps they can get what they need at a good price. 47 more words

Photo Essays

An' then the balloon jes' popped

Oh the horror of it all. You get to go to the parade, get a balloon and have a grand time waving it around…POP! 37 more words