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Opportunity: An invitation to Band Leaders, Aspiring Band Leaders and Young Music Makers

Noises on the Street is a pilot project taking place in Devizes, between May and June 2015. The project will explore Street Bands and Street Music, inspired by marching bands and steel bands around the world, especially New Orleans, and mixes up jazz, funk, folk and other music. 183 more words

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Opportunity: Noises on the street - come and play in the band

Reeds, Brass and percussion players needed to blow up a musical storm in a new band being created in Devizes. Noises on the Street will introduce you to Street Music; music made to be played outdoors. 65 more words

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Street Acoustic

Alright this blog is about two friends who is going to go backpacking in south Africa in a few days. They are going to be playing music on street corners together, so that is what this is about. 102 more words


Street Music as Solution

One of the reasons given for the weakness of liberal values in Egypt is that political parties are not active on the street. Politicians tend to be elite, it is said, and are much more comfortable appearing on television and holding conferences in hotels. 247 more words


Blacked Out Naked on Dirty Sixth

I crossed the street to take some shots of these guys cos they just looked really interesting, I did not expect their music to be so good. 95 more words

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