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Newsflash: Men aren't wolves

One of the weird paradoxes of patriarchy is the idea that on the one hand, men are naturally the dominant group in society because they’re more rational, have bigger brains, control their emotions better, and make more sensible decisions and life choices; and on the other, women must dress “modestly”, act “respectably” and take all kinds of “preventative” measures against sexual harassment and violence because men are literally incapable of stopping themselves from being abusive to women. 338 more words

Sex And Gender

The 4:45 am Compliment

Oh, you guys. It takes all kinds, it really does. Over the years of keeping this blog, I have written about all kinds of times when I have been cat called, … 677 more words

|My (Awkward) Day|

Let's talk about street harassment

I had a great day yesterday. Really.

I spent all day with writers of all ages at a conference. My main job was to make sure the teen writers were getting as much out of the conference as they wanted. 317 more words


Feminist Fridays 'Street Harassment'

It’s time to get serious. This idea has been swimming around in my head for a while as being something I’d like to write about, but it was only after my university lecture yesterday where I finally thought of how to write it. 1,091 more words


'Shouldn't we be talking about something more important?'

One of the most frustrating aspects of gender equality is society’s need to rank certain issues as higher than others without exploring how they connect or interrelate. 845 more words

Cat Calling

Wolf whistling: Flattery or threat?

For Femail Online.

It was reported earlier this week that a 23-year-old woman, Poppy Smart, had complained to police after being wolf whistled at by builders, on her way to work, every day for a month. 58 more words


Eyes on the Ground: Fear as a Tool of Oppression

By Kathryn Klingle

I am walking home from class with a friend. It is 10:30 p.m, not too late to be out by Spanish standards. Families are still eating in the buildings we pass. 859 more words

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