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la egoïsta

“Aqui viene la egoïsta.” (Here comes the egoist)

That’s what I heard from a man sitting on the side of the street today as I left the school on the way to a teacher’s house this afternoon. 399 more words

Ick, people have no manners

I had a fantastic day out in Sheffield yesterday; I’m exhausted, mentally and physically today though. It would have been perfect but for the behaviour of some bad mannered little brats. 913 more words

Other Writing

You're not entitled to my body

by Esperanza M

No matter what you’re wearing, no matter where you are, if it’s late at night, if you’re alone or drunk, no one has the right to harass you in any way, it is never your fault. 8 more words


Watching Shadows

Last night, I got into a conversation about gun control that ended up turning into one about the constant fear of walking while female. It often amazes me how serious issues like these have the tendency to get all tied together, even though my issue-heavy or political conversations all end up being like that. 598 more words

New York City

May 21- Stopping to stare at the roses

1) What I was doing: walking the dog

2) What I was wearing: running capris, sweatshirt, REI fleece, pony tail, sneakers.

3) What was said or done: several trucks worth of landscapers and their equipment slowed to give me a full leer– in one case the truck was a king cab with guys in front and back seats, all staring. 46 more words

Street Harassment

May 14th- The Honker

1) What I was doing: walking the dog (sense a theme?)

2) What I was wearing: jeans, REI fleece, sneakers, pony tail (again, theme?)

3) What was said or done: guy driving towards me honked as he pulled parallel with me. 25 more words

Street Harassment