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Character and class

Well now for some reason I feel like talking about character. Not the personal trait that I feel most people seem to lack these days, well beyond the superficial things that most have. 732 more words

The S.A.D

Good or Evil?

[art by Isabel Castaño]

The other day I was watching Community. If you haven’t seen it, it is a pretty hilarious show about a diverse group of students that attend a Community College and all the shenanigans that follow their “study group”. 1,257 more words


Internal conflict consequences of parallel governments of operations and debt service

The governmental concept of balance of power of checks and balances works by dividing government branches each having distinct non-overlapping voting populations.  In our government, the original concept was for two houses of congress with representative of one elected by individual voters and representatives of the other selected by the states.   2,537 more words


Take me to the mountains

Winding roads help me think.

When the road is long and there are trees as far as the eye can see and so thick that you can’t see what’s hiding underneath them, I begin to relax. 964 more words


Cons and such

Sorry for the lack of a post this past Sunday. But there was was a furry con that I went to this weekend so I was hugely distracted. 149 more words

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