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To Be Happy

Looking in the mirror not recognizing myself. Putting up a mask so thick that I myself can’t see through it anymore. That when I get up, I won’t see me inside myself. 169 more words


New Friends in My Late 20s

Alright so I’m 28. I’ll be 29 this year Lord willing.

Want to know what I’d like to get this year….and the years to come? 377 more words

Stream Of Thought

Toy Soldier

It’s 2am again. Welcome to my brain. This is an unfiltered vomit onto the page that I wrote while trying to complete an Essay, a la… 306 more words


Not the smartest rat in the maze

All right. Here I am again, God, typing in the dark.  I have my green tea with mint, a block of Muenster cheese, and a drenched Coon cat on my lap.  506 more words


The S.A.D People and happyness

While going about my business the last two weeks I have noticed something, or finally taken notice of something if you will. And that would be that, despite my general cynicism, that most of the time I tend to be content with things. 288 more words

Going Full Circle: on the virtues of the sloth

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have gone full circle.

This process took 11 months, give or take however many days it took me to put this post together… 589 more words

Month of love: 2/3/15 transparency

Quick post. Love is transparent. If you can’t be honest with someone about your feelings either you don’t love them or they don’t love you. 44 more words

Stream Of Thought