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Dawn in a Hole

Infested like a bug around my neck,

Consumed thoughts – battered and wrecked.

Take me two steps ahead,

My hope is dead, my spirit is beheaded… 74 more words


Stream of Consciousness: Anxiety

Anxiety is another one of those ‘taboo’ topics, along with other mental illnesses. I think it’s important to talk about these things because it helps people know that they aren’t alone. 906 more words


Surrounded by naked people, bodies in the next room fucking openly and all I could concentrate on was the card game in front of me. Don't hate the player.

I feel loathe to write another day in the life update, but egads, sometimes recent memories are worth basking in. To be honest, lately I haven’t been great. 644 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

In Nothing But My Yoga Pants

This is from last year.

She was from Alabama and had shining auburn hair, a square pert face, and the kind of white smile that said “blow job first, my sweet thing, then I’ll go and make us the most hearty breakfast in nothing but my yoga pants.” … 984 more words

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: I Am The Mean Mom

This morning we were up so we decided to wake the kids, and take them to brunch. Surprisingly all 4 kids wanted to go.

As we were loading into the car kid #4 decided that she did not like where people were sitting and told kid #3 to move. 679 more words


Unsolicited Ramblings II

Warmth. A moment of peace, as I feel the subtle heat of the keys beneath my fingertips. I inspect them- each key denoting a different letter, so geometrical, so precise. 275 more words

Human Condition