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On Neurosis & Rebecca

Me: Do any of you relate to the narrator?

Student 1: I was actually relieved reading it.

Me: Why?

Student 1: Because I think like she does all the time. 84 more words

Classroom Discussions

Left First

a boy said
he wanted to
take me away.
But he never
did ask.

He told me
he was afraid
of what would
happen when… 33 more words

Chasing Rabbits

Fiction: The Coast

And he stripped the lights away until there was total blackness and I couldn’t think. Buried in reverie, I died. On the coast there was a piazza where we’d reside, but it was never good enough, never beautiful enough, never quite perfect enough for his taste and I couldn’t take the void. 56 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Fiction: On Bees

There is a hat box perched atop my flat-billed hair bed and tangled inside is a cable. A cable of waxed-wire transferring light and sound and futures of cloud spires to her ears. 308 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Yeah, I did it anyway.

I said I wouldn’t write about babies and
their quirks, though this one
makes me smirk.

Faster, she moves upward
Slower, her mother follows.

I’m aging three fold as she ages each day. 40 more words

It Came Out Of My Head

Sleeping, not sleeping

I admit that I fell asleep last night
watching old episodes of the
Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby on free internet tv.
“Mr. McGhee, don’t make me angry. 230 more words

It Came Out Of My Head

Her Repertoire

Her repertoire of sounds is pretty small
she announced loudly to the bird in the bush
She has not yet mastered a whistle or a bird call… 14 more words

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