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You’ve found your car. Now find your sound with SiriusXM.

There’s something truly magical about having the perfect soundtrack for the open road. In fact, ever since radios were first added to cars, imagining the ideal driving experience evokes a playlist in everyone. 235 more words

Strathmore Ford

Charcoal Self Portrait

My charcoal self portrait began by taking pictures of myself doing random poses and faces. I chose my final image because it was one of the most unique images, and one that would require lots of effort and experimentation to produce. 203 more words


Self Portrait

When receiving this project, we had to create a self portrait by recreating an image of our choice with charcoal. At first, I was very indecisive of what image I wanted to use. 257 more words


UP!--Tracing Paper spells: RELIEF

Well, trusted followers, even if you don’t illustrate or do artwork, I hope you find this article interesting, it showing a small part of my illustration process. 888 more words

Writer Side Up

Charcoal Self Portrait

*Before the invert



*Portrait Inverted 497 more words



Many artists explore self-portraits as a way of honing their skills. When we work on a self-portrait, we must study the features of our face objectively, forgetting what we assume. 356 more words



Before critique

After Critique – I fixed the top of the drawing by blending the gray part into the black using a white eraser

When I started this project, my intention was to have the light shinning down on my head and a light shinning up from the bottom of the picture. 393 more words