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Analyzing Iraq’s complexity from Turkey’s strategic perspective

Turkey is playing a strategic role in the Middle East due to many factors. Historically, the Ottoman Empire was controlling most of what is now called Middle East countries and many other Islamic countries which created long and strong relationship with Turkey. 78 more words

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Inventing Basics: Why Your Invention Won't Work!

 I have mentioned in past posts that less than 5% of all patent holders ever make a cent from their products. Some of the reasons are that inventors don’t realize how difficult it is to market a product successfully, how costly it will be to develop and distribute it, and they often patent things that simply aren’t sellable as products. 418 more words


A Bird in the Hand

Well, today turned out to be better than I really expected. I have been watching the stories unfold concerning Net Neutrality and, to tell you the truth, I expected my stock to tank completely if the issue was passed. 529 more words

Cadillac's Rebranding...Will It Work?

The other day, while reading The New York Times, I noticed a new full-page advertisement from Cadillac. As seen in the picture below, the ad is very simple with respect to text, imagery, color and layout. 684 more words

A Druid's Duel Review

Some kinds of games I enjoy, some I don’t, and some just make me sad. Not sad because of a tragic ending, plot twist, or circumstance, just sad for the game itself. 1,071 more words

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How This Sci-Fi Book Moved Me To Tears: The Last Hero Review and Interview

For Trent Maxwell, he wouldn’t give up the quiet life he had with his daughter and wife for the world, even if he did miss the life of a soldier. 982 more words

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