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T031: Let us be agnostic..

The cloud industry figured it out the hard way. The fear of getting locked into a closed cloud environment of a specific vendor was one of the biggest deterrents for cloud adoption a few years ago. 98 more words


Top 8 ways to prepare yourself for a 24 hour session

Whether playing online or live, lengthy sessions are both physically and mentally exhausting. We created a list of the top ways for you to keep motivated and focused in the game as long as possible. Continue to story.


Hand of the month: Flopping top set in deepstack play out-of-position.

This issue’s featured hand is a scenario that many players get into a tough spot with. We will recap the hand in its entirety before discussing bet-sizing, percentages, and taking into account the various hand ranges of opposition players. Continue to story.


Some Big Technology & Retail Trends: Do you Know Your Stuff?

This video on the future of technology companies and the trends in retail really is worth a look. OK he speaks at 100 miles per hour but if you pause it and watch it several times the research around what he is talking about starts to sink in! 23 more words

Kendall Langston

Beating Ships That Require 50 Defeats

Nikki and BeachGrandMom have devised an excellent strategy. While they are still working out the details of exactly how to arm ships, I thought I would post some of the highlights of the strategy here. 214 more words

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Dungeons 2 is now available for Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows PC

Dungeons 2, a #dungeoncrawler #strategy sequel to Realmforge Studios’ Dungeons, has now been #released on Steam by publisher Kalypso. The first game, which was heavily influenced by Dungeon Keeper, and released back in 2011. 262 more words

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