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12 Self-Promotion Strategies for Introverts

Introverts are awesome! They are the calm, humble, thoughtful people who are quietly doing a ton of work and taking very little credit! Introverts tend to be deliberative and self-aware; they tend to be detail-oriented; they spend a lot of time thinking and reflecting; and, they can give intense focus and concentration to a task. 673 more words


Online Education vs. Traditional Education

By Martin D. Gardner

The job market has become much more competitive in the last few years. As companies cut back on labor to stay in business, education has become extremely important for employees who want to be more competitive in their current positions or want to transition into a new career. 976 more words


Tips and Tricks for Studying and School

It’s almost summer, but every week closer to summer is also a week closer to exam week. It’s important to work ahead and keep de-stressed for the next couple of week so your not frantic and breaking out right before summer! 485 more words


Sabbatical with children

Sabbatical is possibly one of the greatest perks of being an academic. While on my husband’s recent sabbatical overseas, non-academic people I met would often respond with a mix of inquisitiveness, incredulity, and, I dare say, a bit of envy as I told them what exactly it is that brought me there. 301 more words


Bloodborne: Pthumeru Ihyll, Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen Strategy

Here I outline the strategy that I used to kill Queen Yharnam and snag myself the Bloodborne platinum trophy. In preparation for this fight make sure that your blood resistance is as high as you can get it. 49 more words

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Bloodborne: Pthumeru Ihyll, Layer Three Strategy

This is a video showing all of the dangers you will face on your way to unlocking the third layer boss door in the Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice dungeon. 55 more words

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Bloodborne: Pthumeru Ihyll, Bloodletting Beast Strategy

Bloodletting Beast is the second layer boss in the Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Dungeon that must be completed to obtain the Bloodborne platinum trophy. In this video I outline the strategy that I used while absolutely destroying the Bloodletting Beast. 13 more words

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