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Why am I So Worried? With Good Reason...

One of my frequently used phrases is “Yeah thanks, brain” (said with heavy sarcasm). I usually direct this at my own mind when it is doing super helpful things like keeping me awake at night worrying about things I can do nothing about, or randomly dredging up a painful memory to replay at some inopportune time. 207 more words

The Freshman Basketball Transition

As we enter the dog days of summer and high schools have graduated, the word “transition” has come up quite often lately. Transitions are a part of all of our lives but I believe the transition from high school basketball to college basketball is the biggest one that I deal with year in year out. 577 more words


What Can Be Done About Bullying?

I’d like to address the topic question in four ways: (1) What school districts can do. (2) Things parents can do to inoculate their kids from bullying. 636 more words


Roads to reading (171 out of 365) #blogaday

There are so many ways to help children learn to read. I am glad that this book breaks down some into more detail. I know the basic few of chunking, re-reading, sounding it out – but children need to have a large repertoire so they can enjoy reading on their own. 6 more words

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Teaching Reading: Final Paper (Part 1)

My final paper for my Instructional Practices for Reading Teachers was made up of 5 short essays in response to 5 prompts about teaching reading. Here is the first prompt and my essay response. 752 more words

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