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Strong Marriages and Love

You realize you guys have made me a better husband. I mean, Kelly, you know my past.You know how much I balk at the “love” stuff because I have a hard time believing it about myself. 545 more words

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My Shrimp Recipe...

Okie dokie, so, I have an odd hobby. It’s “doing nice things for loved ones”. Now that Marriage Equality is the law, I’m kind of at a loss. 386 more words

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Some Thoughts About June 26...

Some of the randomly good things from yesterday…

As much as I think it’s cool that liking girls is something I have in common with Z, I don’t have to have it be constantly at the fore of my brain. 471 more words

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The Z Agenda

Okie dokie. I thought I’d drop a quick post this morning. I’ve written this blog for some time, about a year and a half. It kind of morphed from being a blog about my growth to a blog about LBGT Rights. 324 more words

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What If...

This is another wandering around a train of thought posts, bear with me…

What if I weren’t born a hetero, white, Christian, male? What if I were born Z? 708 more words

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Addendum to "I'm an Opinionated Jerk"

You want to judge people? Please do. Judge me. Judge Z. Do it based on my views. Do it based on my attitudes. Do it for any damn reason you please. 185 more words

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