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A "Hugging, Hand Holding, Kissing Lifestyle Agenda"

I think I’m going to wander along with this train of thought and see where it leads…

I was reading a stat that said that 1.8% of the US population is gay. 906 more words

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Complications and Confusions...

Life is a complicated and confusing place. In that vein, I’m trying to reduce that confusion and complication. I freely admit to being a Facebook junkie. 920 more words

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If you read this blog, you know what I think of Z. She’s courageous, kind, loving, patriotic, smart, witty, loyal, and a host of other things that speak to her character. 114 more words

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They Really Believed What They Wrote

I’ve waited a few days to write this. I’m trying to be semi-polite. It would have been hard at the point of impact…

I do Facebook. 1,273 more words

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I Even Included the Word "Sex" In This One...

I wrote the last one of these in a semi-light hearted tone about kissing girls and playing with boobies. I mean that. Sex is supposed to be fun…and serious. 904 more words

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I Told Z to Kiss a Girl

It’s a funny thing. Considering the topic of the majority of my blog posts, I’m a bit of a prude… Having said that, I told Z to kiss a girl, then I told her to kiss two different girls. 314 more words

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*sigh* Thoughts on Free Will

*sigh* I use that word a lot. It’s for a feeling of hopelessness or regret or any of a number of other feelings that aren’t covered by “*grins*”… 615 more words

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