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Roc - 100 Monsters

Roc (rōk)

Monster Type: Animal 

Location: Southeast Asia

Size: Massive

Roc are great birds that dominate the skies of the near east. These massive creatures spend most of their lives so high that we cannot see them. 37 more words


How Jeff Bezos created a charismatic brand

There has never been a company like Amazon. It has reinvented a 500 year industry .it is one of the most charismatic brands in the world. 32 more words


Why I Write

I cannot NOT write.

I write to tell stories about people and issues that matter, 

to me,

with experiences which may be different than your own, 92 more words


Goblin, 100 Monsters


(gob lin)
Monster Type: Humanoid
Location: Worldwide, Mountain Caves
Size: Small to Large

Goblins are a fierce people with exaggerated features. Common goblins are between 2-3 feet tall but goblin kings can grow up to 8 feet tall. 30 more words


Coming Up Next!

What if I told you that little Blue Snowball over here had already recorded 4 episodes of Story Punch? pic.twitter.com/U4i3s2YU0X

— Marc Madrigal (@MarcMadrigal) March 27, 2015…

553 more words

What's the Main Task of a Storyteller?

The Reserve Beach in Punta Cana © R.L. Herron

I recently came back from Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic (I know … tough duty, but someone’s got to do it) 621 more words


The Storytelling Business

*NEW* Storytelling for Business: Building Your Brand Story. One-day workshops in Autumn 2015. See ‘Courses’ for details.

Inspirational leaders know the power of story.
Top coaches use words as a tool for transformation. 132 more words