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Remorseless, but lacks method

By that time Sophie had swept and scrubbed herself into a state when she could hardly move. … That was Sophie’s trouble. She was remorseless, but she lacked method.

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Alethia Grey - Episode 11

In last week’s episode, murder suspect Alethia Grey mustered some surprising strength to break out of her bonds. Will she get upstairs before her captors get to her?  47 more words


First Day in Residence at the RZSS!

So here’s my exciting news: Today was my first day as Storyteller in Residence for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.  I was absolutely thrilled to be appointed to this role and I look forward to giving a day a week of my time to the RZSS and its more-than-human communities over the next twelve months. 246 more words

(re)storying Nature

I Am The Daughter Of Foreigners

On the day I went to the Secretary of State’s office to renew my driver’s license, the room was packed with people.  I took a number and then chose the first vacant seat that I saw in the waiting area.  950 more words


What is the Science of Writing?

Flowers in the Basket

I’ve said it before. Good writing is part science and part gift. The gift part is something only a lucky few are born with. 400 more words

Award-Winning Fiction


As a child she wrote with markers in a plush lime-green diary embossed with tiny blue buttons. It had a lock and key to hold her secrets, a buckle that crossed the paper middle and slid into place with a click. 563 more words


The Improbable Rise of Singularity Girl

Helen Roderick is the first mind to be computer-simulated after her death, re-emerging into a world that is so different from what she’s used to. But while daring innovations make life easier for everyone, it doesn’t take much to push the world over the brink… 455 more words