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Podcast #77: When Nature Calls

Ah, wilderness! Our intrepid storyteller heeds the call of the wild in Denali National Park only to find comfort in a climate-controlled school bus. This riveting tale was told live at our December 2014 show, “Frozen.” 61 more words


Playful Tulip

“Can I play with you?”

“She’s here!  She’s here!  She’s here!  Yay!”  “Come play with us!”

“Tag!  I call it!  You’re it!”

I heard giggling and the rustling of leaves, and shouts and squeals. 195 more words


Days 13 and 14: Giving at Work

We spend so many of our waking hours working that thinking about giving at work has to be part of my 29 day experiment.  Once you’ve been paid money to do something, can that something ever be a gift? 353 more words

(re)storying Society

Invite her in (Part3)

Marie didn’t know where to turn. She needed a moment. A moment to console herself. The guests kept coming over, laying a gentle hand here, few kind words there. 608 more words


Roughabite Children's Comic Strip created by Jamaal R. James

In this posting our little friend continues to express himself thru pictures so enjoy. That’s all people of the world. Have a wonderful day. 15 more words

James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

Invite her in (Part 2)

Marie stood alone in the bridal room, dressed in an elegant ivory gown. She almost looked divine, properly excited by the prospect of what lay ahead. 352 more words


Invite her in

(The following story is prompted by the date, and the theme that only a thief can catch a thief.)

It was August 15, 1925 when I first stepped into the sprawling, Gregor mansion. 517 more words