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Storytelling and the General Election

I started writing something about storytelling and politics.  I couldn’t stop.  So I’m posting it here:  ‘I am who you are‘  It jumps from Ira Glass to Jerome Bruner to Adam Curtis to Hannah Arendt.  Something for everyone.

Adam Curtis

Word of Thanks to Batesville/Panola Folks

Giving a word of thanks to those who came out for the lecture and book signing at the Batesville, Mississippi, Public Library last Thursday. Thanks so much for coming. 61 more words


#TransLivesMatter A Portrait of American Violence

“I’m so exhausted,” Blake Brockington wrote before walking into traffic on Interstate 485 on March 23, 2015.

Blake was a handsome young man. He had been crowned homecoming king and had spoken about his trials and triumphs on the national stage. 362 more words


A Generation Lost

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli, an important event in the histories of Australia and New Zealand (as well as other nations).  In a moving ceremony in Edinburgh, people from all over the globe gathered on the Castle Promenade to take part in remembering those who fought in a different time. 113 more words

Publishers Inc 2015

Capture Aurora

Other than photography, which is at best, ephemeral, the best way to capture an aurora is to use a very large body of water.   Indeed, this is the technique perfected by the ancients.   103 more words


Skinwalker - 100 Monsters

Skinwalker (skin walk r)

Monster Type: Spirit

Location: North America

Size: Medium

Skinwalkers are shape-shifters that plague the native tribes of North America. These wily spirits take the place of people, using their magic to mimic a human appearance. 49 more words


Copyrights - What's Left?

It’s World Book and Copyright Day and, while Publishers Inc was busy with everything from marketing to attending a fantastic event organised by White Light Media… 174 more words

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