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Review in Glasgow Sunday Mail

Very pleased to share a lovely new review from the Glasgow Sunday Mail:


#Crushing on Mike Brodie: The Train-Hoppin' Narrator

Mike Brodie came to me by way of tumblr. He sporadically hopped my reblog radar until finally I said shut up and wikipediaded him. This is Mike Brodie: 177 more words


The Main Ingredient.

The Main Ingredient.

The main ingredient wasn’t the chocolate, rich dark, velvety on the tongue, sumptuous and pleasure filled. There was something else. As the chocolate melted slowly over the heat he imagined her face. 151 more words

Tracey Odessa Kane

Professional Observer

Anybody who writes knows you don’t simply write what you believe. You write to find out what you believe, or what you can afford to believe… When I write, things occur to me. 62 more words

More Creator

Telling Tales To The Wind

The mole is a unit of measurement, which is defined thus: the mass of substance containing the same number of fundamental units as there are atoms in exactly 12.000g of carbon. 415 more words

Once Upon A

Rear View

There she goes

There she goes again

Racing through my brain

And I just can’t contain

This feeling that remains

My sister used to have the song on her playlist that I managed to copy before she deleted it. 193 more words


Going Beyond Spirituality

Let’s face it…Spirituality is just another ‘conditioning’…it’s another storyline.  Let’s go beyond Spirituality – to ‘knowing’ the Truth!

The Truth about who we Really are and how we ‘work’.  581 more words