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Surface Earth

I was running with my eyes closed and when I opened them I was running on a cloud. With every step, lightening bolts lit up the ocean to its depths, and creatures not seen for million s of years stopped in shock when seeing the destruction that humans have inflected on the surface earth.


Castle of Lies

Grains of sand, one by one,
You amass them in your tiny hands
Lines formed, shapes created
What with your expert stroke!
A grandeur before our very eyes… 59 more words

34th Installment of Obeah

                                                  CHAPTER 15

They walked all night and arrived at the village early in the morning. The sun had risen just above the trees. The air had that early morning smell of fresh earth and blooming flowers. 878 more words


Antiquity - part 1

This is my first attempt (hopefully not last) at writing a mystery story. So, obviously, it turned out to be quite big. Here’s the first part for you to read.

674 more words

The Storyteller

The end of summer always brought a touch of sadness to the bay. The evening breeze suddenly blew that bit colder, and the shadows cast over the water by the birch and pine trees lining the shore became longer, and lonelier… 1,876 more words


Review of the Week: Sometimes you just need an overhaul

Earlier this week I mentioned a blog I wrote

September 4th


Does Your Vehicle Need a Tune Up or a Trade In?

Being on vacation is a good thing… 378 more words

GameMaster – What's in a Name?

Our first roleplaying purchase was GURPS 3e Basic Set, but the first one we played was HackMaster 4e. These days HackMaster 5e is my system of choice for combat-heavy fantasy, and GURPS 4e for is for everything else. 497 more words