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Slow-to-Learn, But Hard-Working, Finally, Reaching One’s Goals, Observations from the Workforce

Hard work will PAY off, so long as you don’t give up on it, translated…

My good friend, A’s daughter, May, several years ago, after she’d graduated from high school, when she’d taken the national entrance exams for college, she didn’t get in.   466 more words


My Nearly Vapid Teenage Existence

During one of the colder day this past winter, I decided to go through the letters I got in high school and put them in a binder. 164 more words

The Matchmaking Dinner Date of a “Cougar”

On the matter called, “marriage”, translated…

In the past couple of years, being unwed, I’d chosen to head back home with my married older sisters to head back home to visit my mother’s family.   592 more words


The Alien Invasion Story

What alien invasion/abduction story has the most unique or interesting plot? What differentiates it from other stories about alien invasions/abductions? What is a unique twist in an alien invasion/abduction story that you have never seen but would like to?

Telling your God story. Devotions for week 2. Written by Rev. Dr. Wade Martin

Remembering the Past to Build the Future—By Rev. Dr. Wade Martin

Day One – Follow Where God Leads

James 4:13-15

Do you wake up each day wondering what God has in store for you? 2,237 more words

Decorating the walls with carrot, mine and onion

I wasn’t sure where to start with these tales, so I thought best for them to come in any order- almost memory like that way, as our own memories aren’t in order but are just single moments that occasionally re-surface. 578 more words


baby sisters and bad hair cuts

My sweet angelic baby sister was born in early December 1999. I was 9 years old. She came out cooked like a fried chicken. I guess she wasn’t quite ready to make her appearance. 823 more words