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Do Look More at Your Spouse’s Better Qualities


Last weekend, I’d asked along a couple of good friends, and, we took all our kids to Dahu Park, on the one hand, our kids could have each other’s company, and, on the other, it’d given us, mothers, a breather, to chit chat with each other, to reconnect with one another. 1,659 more words


Childhood Sweethearts

The BEST of times here, translated…

Not identical to that crush, back then, we still don’t know the meanings of love yet, with the heart of adoration, but, we were, more confused at that age.  660 more words


On Illness & Death, the Last of the Relativity of Literature for the Month of March

The understandings of life, translated…

On the day of the wake, everybody was busying about, allowing her, to crawl all over the places on her own, she was once, the most loved daughter of the great grandmother, she’d cried so hard, she’d lost her sense of direction, and, she’d ended up, crawling toward someone else’s doorsteps, it was, truly, embarrassing… 2,709 more words


beads in color.

When I think back on all the decadent things I had to do to acquire this colorful stack of beads during Mardi Gras … I wouldn’t be thinking very long. 8 more words


Lost and Found.

Not something you see too often; a handbag separated from its owner.

Tram stop number eighteen on 112 route. Bright sunny day and I’m on my way home. 1,239 more words


A extremely short futuristic story --- Science at the beginning of the XXI century ---

Once upon a time someone wrote:

“It can be proven that most claimed research findings are false”

and it was proved.(1)


1. Ioannidis JPA (2005) Why Most Published Research Findings Are False.

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oscar’s everyday adventures in life

In an earlier post I introduced ‘Oscar-the-dog’ and promised further tales about his everyday adventures in life. Here’s what happened on 8 March 2005. 2,126 more words