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A Big cracker for a Small hamster


Puffy Fluffy, the hamster, chews the bars of his cage.
“You want out a-gain little one,” mom says…!?
Course he will want out.
He likes to explore the outside world. 236 more words


My House is Colorful


This boy keeps his room neat and tidy.

Can you spot things that are orange?

An orange ball.  A, round, orange pencil sharpener.

An orange pencil. 446 more words


Moving On (Part - Two)

So, I made two new friends at the grocery shop in this new place. They are Girish Mahatma and Swaresh Mahachandra. At first they seemed to be very much weird to me but as we came to know each other well, they are a little less weird now. 1,216 more words


Moving On (Part - One)

It is winter.. Our family has just moved on to a place more like a suburb from the city. All that noise and pollution was making life miserable. 1,159 more words


Bubbly Bath -Time Fun


Many bubbles float on top.
Inside my bubbly bathtub. 147 more words


Excerpt from Vanilla Sugar Cream

“Ah, True Love….
bunch of bollocks
What is love?
Where does it come from?
Does it even exist between humans?

We are brought up, as kids, to believe in fairy tales. 324 more words