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In celebration of Independence Day, instead of posting an article this week, I’d like to direct readers to the full text of a story by Edward D. 91 more words


Running for the Bus

“No Mom, the bus is right there, you’re the one that’s giving me money for the fare!” Mandy shouted.

“Mandy, listen, I’m just trying to tell you that – ” 108 more words

Short Story

The Words

It’s funny.

It’s really funny.

Really it is.

I think sometimes it is.

I think that life does funny things.

At funny times.

In funny ways. 147 more words


"Somebody once asked me for a blood sacrifice." The first story of Waldon's Dating History

I have a very bad dating history. The title is indicative of this.

The first time I ever went on a date, the girl took her friend along, who, in turn, kept elbowing me in the ribs and telling me to make a move. 1,887 more words


Pool hopping or the lack thereof 

I get it, you shouldn’t try to pool hop because it’s “trespassing” or something.

But when there’s some sweet pools located close to you, you have to atleast make an attempt. 217 more words



Stuff I’m thinking about today :

  • I tend to turn people, family, coworkers into enemies, people out to get me, get in my way, foil my plans.
  • 180 more words

First Impressions

The telephone rang and rang and rang, and Brenda lay on the sofa. The sound of a hammer pounding against the bell in short, loud bursts, over and over, was drilling into her mind like a dental pick into the gum line. 371 more words

Short Story