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Absolutely epic cock block

Okay, I’ve got a dozen different posts I’ve been working on.  This is none of those, I had to take a break and tell this story because it’s too fucking epic to miss.   885 more words


Mini Horror Story Part 1

Mini Horror Stories – More Terrifying Than Any Film


Whether in a movie or in a YouTube video, horror is born in the brief few seconds between when the audience starts expecting one thing, and ends up getting something much more sinister in return. 276 more words


Private Eyes

Inspired by a prompt on Writing Prompts a Day. Thanks to Laura for letting me know about that blog (and for her own stories and poems)! 378 more words

Short Story

61 Vailant 'Best Original' 

So proud of my husband! He has end stage renal failure- is on dialysis 3 days a week. When he is feeling good- usually on his off days from dialysis- he works on his classic cars. 89 more words

A Little Something More

The evening was a chill one, and the hunters were eager ones, as they hadn’t seen a single animal that day that could potentially be their prey. 206 more words



Why does the female body have to be way more high maintenance than a male?

The economy depends on it.


We've Got a Good Story

Peter Hough’s sermon on Romans 8.18-25: “We’ve Got a Good Story.” At the end of the sermon we collected questions related to the story of the gospel. 19 more words