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Ralph's Hotdog

Ralph’s hotdog was a less-hotdog-than-normal hotdog.

It was thin, light grey in colour, and smelled like something between black pepper and goose feces. Why it was so, Ralph didn’t know; the arena vendor he bought it from looked too busy to answer his question, despite asking three times. 145 more words

Short Story


someone got mad at me today. They got mad at me because they saw the scars and old skin on my wrists.

They saw the scratches from dropping a box and assumed I did it on purpose. 357 more words


Slinky Manglers.

I lie under the sheets, awake. I can’t sleep. Not when I can hear them out there. Probably less than 20 feet away.

You can hear them, at night, if you’re up late enough. 1,984 more words

Short Story

Club Wonderland: Just a Taste

“Rabbit oh rabbit, how far have you gone? Life hasn’t been the same since you had a taste. One sip, two sip, three’s too many. Lost in a world, consumed by your tea. 1,257 more words


Belen's End

The seventh and last in Belen’s story. You can also read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, and… 150 more words

Short Story


(Originally created by San Cater™). A Manuel San Cater™ master piece…

Our worst enemy is not the strongest nor the smartest, not even a human nor a spirit. 1,508 more words


The Long Journey Home - Prologue

Tom’s rough baritone shakily hummed into the night, moon beams illuminating the warmth of his breath.  Regardless of its scattered pitch, Mary basked in the song her husband sang.   770 more words