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Not escape, just quiet confidence

When I was very small the best feeling in the whole world was to lie in bed on a stormy night all tucked up snug and warm, listening to the wind howling outside. 128 more words


It's The Same Storm


It has truly been a hard winter. I look out off my back deck and the snow is about as high as our deck. The thrill of snow and days off has worn thin. 583 more words

Devoted Living

Finding Peace During the Storms of Life

How can we find calm in the midst of a storm? As I navigate my own tempests, I have something deep within me telling me there’s a way through to dry land and sunshine, and yet at that same time I often find myself drowning in the sheer ferocity of the rain pouring down on me. 460 more words


Two Storms That Shook My Faith

This morning as I was reading Openings: A Daybook of Saints, Psalms, and Prayer by Larry James Peacock, I decided to follow the suggestion “write about some storm you have experienced.” It could be an actual storm or an inner storm that shook my faith, a time of doubt or despair, a time I needed the power and strength of God. 1,135 more words


Between the Sun and the Storm

Recently, the four year-old and I were fortunate to unthaw from the Midwest winter and spend a week under the Bahamian palm trees and sunshine. While there, I was reminded again that sunrises are worth waking up for, that staring at the ocean never gets old and that there is something unique and fascinating about every single seashell that I add to my collection. 505 more words

Peaceful Harbor by Christina Knowles

To Randy–You are my peaceful harbor.

“Peaceful Harbor”

Through the briny deep, a charter

Struggles in the swell

Until it finds a peaceful harbor

The unbounded crest beats harder… 98 more words


God wants to take my picture

Tony Campolo tells a story about a friend who has an adorable four-year-old daughter who, one night during a violent thunderstorm, was found, quite unpeturbed, standing on the windowsill, spread-eagled against the glass. 102 more words