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The Situation About A Life

He asked me why I here. But He knew, he knew what I wanted but He still chose to ask. He asked again. Why was I here? 137 more words


A Start of a Conventional Conversation

I woke up one morning with the will to kill. I took a shower and got ready like it was a typical Monday morning. I picked out my outfit with ease; a long black skirt with a nice peach top. 1,008 more words


Building Settings

Some of the most memorable fantasy and science fiction stories in books and movies often seem off-putting at first. They have amazing worlds and characters and let those worlds come to life by not holding the audience’s hand too much. 291 more words


Staff Editorial: Fighting fear to make connections


As we rush through our lives, it becomes easy for us to disconnect ourselves from those outside the “bubble” that surrounds us, made up of our friends and like-minded acquaintances. 324 more words

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The Journey - Weeks 7 & 8

So here we are two weeks later. A lot has gone on and kept me away from the blog.

Week 7 was a lot of spending time working through everything that comes up with the loss of a family member. 405 more words


What is your outlet, how do you survive?

Photography. Photography is my answer for almost anything good in my life. It is something I have complete control over and there are absolutely no limits as to what I can achieve with it. 611 more words


Brainstorming the next erotic coupling

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