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This baby knows exactly what it wants

This baby goes straight from Pampers to pampered.




Do you love Marc By Marc Jacobs? Well you should run to the stores Now and get everything while you can. The MBMJ line will be absorbed after 14 years into the main collection.  69 more words


Feels Like My Heart Stops, I Jolt Awake. Extremely Terrifying

Over the past few years, this weird occurrence has happened to me occasionally. When I am laying in bed, I close my eyes and try to fall asleep. 79 more words

Starbucks Stops Selling CDs, Because CDs Are Finally Over — The Atlantic

If it wasn’t obvious from the amount of pop & mainstream artists they play over the speakers, or sell at the cash register. What a terrible initial attempt to trying to showcase new talent and discover real art. 13 more words


Lasers for Hair Loss?

Hair loss happens when one follicle after another stops growing hair. At first, hair loss may appear to be only “thinning” as it occurs in a small area. 67 more words

Timer T301


It starts when cell selection starts while timer T311 is running..


It stops at reception of RRCConnectionReestablishment or RRCConnectionReestablishmentReject message as well as when selected cell becomes unsuitable. 15 more words

Right Knee Fall

I hadn’t made up a plan for tonights skating and it probably was a good thing as I just thought i’d wing it and skate for 3 minutes then stop, then another 3 minutes etc for the whole session (yeh I was optimistic). 273 more words