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Featured Band: Rumble Mother

Sometimes it is better to let the band speak for themselves, and in the case of California hard rock duo Rumble Mother, their introduction covers pretty well what they are about. 220 more words



Amour, heavy, psyché et saint Graal du gras, c’est ainsi qu’on peut résumer les rendez vous passionnés des Stoned Gatherings. Ces soirées, qui sont plus que des simples concerts, accueillant à chaque fois de plus en plus de monde. 1,595 more words


The SpongeBob Movie. Sponge Out of Water. Movie Review.

There was a time when my younger twin brother and sister were obsessed with SpongeBob. Episodes of it recorded off the UK NickToons channel along with episodes of Fairly Odd Parents (who remembers that show) and with my brothers Top Gear obsession (ironic considering Clarkson finally got what was coming to him for years yesterday as of writing this) clogged to the Sky+ endlessly. 652 more words


Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana are the Ultimate Stoner Dream Team

First off, I’m sorry about the irregular posting at the moment. I have recently bitten off more than I can chew from the proverbial Peperami of life. 589 more words


Hello world!

It’s me Sam …. Just another stoner chick in this censorious world; taking life by the horns whilst holding a blunt. A wallflower by heart; but that’s because I grew up hearing “you’re going to die alone anyways Sam “by my mother ( it doesn’t sound that harsh when said in spanish ) mind you; And is probably the reason why I am this erratic and introvert girl who detest socializing and would rather be alone over anything in this world. 444 more words


Inherent Vice

Chinatown meets China White in Paul Thomas Anderson’s druggy detective mystery – a stonoir, if you will. 

Inherent Vice is set in 1970s Los Angeles, with the Vietnam War, the Manson Family murders and cultural upheaval going on in the background. 269 more words


Trash/Thrash Tuesday: MERV - Demo #2

Hey you fucks.

I’ve been away..  away at camp.  I hope you checked out last week’s installment of Trash/Thrash Tuesday where Scotty stepped his hooves into my shoes and tried on crazy to see how it fits..   483 more words