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Dog Bloat: Facts on Twisted Stomach/GDV in Dogs | Nzymes

Dog bloat, twisted stomach and stomach torsion all refer to the medical term, gastric dilatation-volvulus. This is a life-threatening condition where a dog’s belly fills with gas (gastric dilatation) and causes the stomach to twist (volvulus), cutting off the blood supply to the abdominal organs and ultimately causing death if untreated.

Gluten Intolerance = Coffee Intolerance??? Say What?!

Gluten intolerance and sensitivity are unpleasant as it is. Most people find, however, that once they remove gluten from their diet, they find relief of their symptoms. 329 more words

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2015, March 31 – 421 – failure

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Cat Food Allergies Should Be Taken Seriously

Ever since we adopted our tuxedo cat Pocket, she has never been seriously ill. Yet, at last summer’s annual check-up, the veterinarian noticed that she had lost weight since her last visit. 218 more words

Tummy Troubles Solved

I have been super excited about receiving my shipment of oils this week because I really wanted to try some new ones!

One of the oils I received for free this month, Digestzen, I was not happy to have needed.   113 more words


4 weeks post op

I had my 4 week post op appointment this morning. Everything looks good. I have two small places that aren’t healing as well. One had a stitch trying to come to the surface and the other had a hair growing there. 177 more words

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My stomach Vol.1

My stomach and I are in constant battle with each other. I want to eat, but my stomach doesn’t agree with a single thing I put down my throat. 328 more words