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Stomach Workout and Weight Loss

When most individuals begin on the weight-loss regime the very first point they want to assault is their waistline. They begin away with visions of turning a beer gut into an stomach six-pack. 24 more words


Healthy Diet Foods Makes You Full Of Gasses??

I stumble to some post in everydayhealth.com, and found this interesting article about gas producing foods.

And i’m super shock, it says that most of foods that you consume for your diet actually making more gasses on your stomach! 658 more words


/kindər.kwōt/ - Why do we call them six packs?

Why do they call them ‘six packs’? They don’t even have a six on their packs?


Stomach attack

There are stomach attacks too! Notice, listen, understand and love your stomach. It needs your attention and care.


Top Remedies To Get Rid Of Abdominal pains

Remedies to get rid of abdominal pain or stomach ache may differ from one person to the other because of genetic make-up variation. 375 more words


Pip, Pip!

Tummy’s advising,
It’s time for “second breakfast”.
I can stomach that.


Everyday Poems

Want to cure your stomach ulcer?


We human beings don’t really bother many things and take for grant..

Whatever we eat our stomach try to take the best out of it and throw the waste out.. 295 more words