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When She Plays The Vomit Container Like A Drum

Some days you were already looking at seven loads of dirty laundry and a pile of clean and you hear a sweet five-and-an-oh-so-very-half-year-old shout out in the early morning hours, “Mama, I just frowed up in mine bed.” You heard the ‘cough’ and didn’t jump, because it wasn’t Adelaide. 272 more words

Lessons {of The Mothering Variety}

Worst. Birthday. Ever. (I hope)

Well, I knew this year’s birthday was bound to be a bit of a let down. Positioned as we are, with finances askew and the hubby literally working until 2 am most nights, I figured he wasn’t gonna have a lot of time or energy to put into, say, a birthday trip to Florida or even a super fancy, five-course meal made by himself, like the last couple of years. 1,335 more words

Daily Happenings

14.05.15 - Texas - Day 14, Corpus Christi

After our relaxing day yesterday, the plan for today was to visit the USS Lexington which is a World War 2 Aircraft Carrier and the… 627 more words


Birthday, Stomach Bugs, and a Shingles Update

I’m taking a small break from Santa Fe posts because yesterday was my birthday, and as is now the tradition on my birthday, I was sick with a stomach bug and the coughing brought back the pain of the shingles. 581 more words


What I learned from Mom about Burnt Toast

I’m on day 2 of a 24 hour stomach bug.

Yesterday was marked by body aches, nausea and a massive headache (most likely caused by the lack of coffee).  574 more words


50 Stages of a Toddler Stomach Bug

The truth is stages 49 and 50 never actually happened in Casa de Edwards, but that’s how I envisioned our week ending. Thankfully we’ve been spared the wrath of dudes stomach bug (knock on wood) and instead have been treated with a nice snotpocalypse to finish out the week. 665 more words


Stomach Bug. 

I hate being sick regardless, but I especially hate stomach bugs. They make you feel so vulnerable. Of course I’m still incredibly thankful for my immune system, which keeps me healthy. Science is cool.

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