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memorial day part 2

This year, Memorial Day happened to fall on my father in law’s birthday. We always grill and chill over at their place; good times are had by all. 430 more words


So the months went on from September and you continued to grow inside of me and I couldn’t wait to get that baby bump to show the world, look I’m expecting! 741 more words

Losing Isaac

I Guess It Will Be A Happy Birthday?

Have you ever had that day where you don’t known any more? You just aren’t sure of anything, well today is that day for me. You see it’s 4 days until my 22nd birthday. 803 more words


In the grasp of grief

Grief. It is a feeling, a state of mind, a physical agony that has defined me since December 24, 2014.  On that day, when I was 12 weeks pregnant, my husband and I found out something was “wrong” with our baby. 101 more words


The time is now...

Therapy is tough; at the very least it is emotionally taxing. I had my second appointment yesterday and this is the first one where we started getting down to actually talking about my issues. 1,216 more words


Not All Trigger Warning's Come With A Label

Yesterday I was constantly getting phone calls from a Spacio Telecom company, and when I say calls I mean once every hour on the dot. However once I answered and told the person I was not interest and to please stop calling my home number, I was abused. 455 more words


Box of Memories

A memory box, most new mother’s create a memory box for months and even years. But for some Mother’s a memory box is something very different, it’s filled with memories from only one day or several, it might be filled with birth certificates, death certificates and other little bits and bobs. 504 more words