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Ninja Knitters

Who are the Ninja Knitters?

There is a cemetery close to where I live and on occasion, while wandering around; you come across an example of knitting.  116 more words



Nothing Like a Cup of Coffee

Everything seems better after a nice steaming hot cup


Not an oil lamp

I took this lamp along to my art group this morning and we all had a go at drawing it. This attempt was actually just messing about towards the end when I was feeling tired and ready to pack up but it’s the one I like the best. 33 more words


Charcoal and Graphite

Another admirable drawing by Barbara Heaton. Here she prepared the paper as before (https://artamaze.wordpress.com/2015/02/15) but this time she mixed charcoal and graphite. At a distance this mixture reads well enough, but close up or viewed at certain angles, the graphite is shiny while the charcoal is dense and black. 122 more words



and thinking of light and colour. Liking the composition. Let’s see where it goes from here.


Fine Art

Be Still - focus and blur

Kim encourages us to experiment with different settings, depths of field, position and backgrounds…

Be Still