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Message to planet Earth: A Timblr Tangent

I live in a community of X people, but I am a Y person. X people are are the majority here.

I have lost X friends and romantic relationships because I am a Y. 455 more words

"No Different Than You" Video Screening

Stigma plagues all communities, and in my attempts to reduce that stigma the youth and I created a video for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month (May). 557 more words


Stigma... But not the kind you're thinking of.

I experience mental health stigma most days.

I’m berated for my weakness when I’m exhausted after another sleepless night.

I’m ridiculed because my chronic tiredness sends me to bed at 10pm most of the time. 698 more words

An Ode To Depression

Loving you is like welcoming cooling rains
After an endless summer fever.
Oh. So. Easy. It is.
And for the first time, I’m a believer. 142 more words


A moral dilemma - Noticing a regular customer/client is self-harming.

A conversation I had recently with somebody really got me thinking about a professional dilemma that they were facing with regards to somebody self-harming, and whether or not it was appropriate or responsible, to talk to them about it. 580 more words


“A Vision for Tomorrow”

When you think of the term “vision”, what comes to mind? Is it the type of vision you have when you think about your future? 963 more words

Your Voice

The Social Cost of Being Overweight

An aspect of obesity those who are normal weights might not automatically appreciate is how it affects ones social life. In addition to contributing to all kinds of health problems, obesit also has the tendency to isolate a person in depression, decrease the depth of intimacy he/she enjoys in many interpersonal relationships, and weaken dating opportunities. 1,911 more words