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Helpful Harvest

It occurs to me that Pirate’s greatest desire in life would be to eat apples…without having to pick them. One only wonders how she’s paying the stick people, but maybe she’s promised not to smash their homes if they help her. 14 more words


Spoiled Soup

I hate when people take baths in my soup. It can’t be hygienic, but on the other hand I suppose it’s like taking a hot bath and dinner at the same time. 14 more words


Tea Moment

I’m not too proud of this picture, but I’m sleep deprived today. So I decided to sit back and have a cup of hot tea and draw the same. 13 more words


New Sherman 5 experiences ‘Stick Mania’ at the Sherman Theatre

Last week, we labelled Stick Man as ‘Stick Mania’ as hundreds of little ones and their families visited the Sherman Theatre, including many new audiences through our Sherman 5 scheme. 585 more words

False Revelations

I think that Knight is probably more gullible than Pirate when it comes to stuff like this. I also think it’s not a good idea to play tricks on someone with a sword, but that’s just my opinion. 6 more words


Personal Forecast

If everyone had their own weather pattern, what would yours be? I’m not sure a rainbow actually fits Pirate, but Knight and thunderstorms go hand in hand.


Faithful Flight

I feel like this picture is a direct sequel to this one. Knight does not forgive easily, or at all if it comes to it. 32 more words