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Unfavorable Comparisons

I haven’t heard this song in years. But I wonder how many people over a certain age remember this? Well, it’s a little demeaning towards stick people but it’s a wonderful old song.

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Review: Stick Man at Exeter Northcott Theatre

Exeter Express and Echo online (26 May 2015)

Stick Man’s got it all worked out. He’s got a cosy little home in the Family Tree, lives with his Stick Lady Love and he has three beautiful Stick Children. 320 more words


Lofty Rests

I believe I would not like to stay in a tree. Unless there were free apples, that is. But for the small people, I guess trees are perfect for hotels: high up, full of natural bedding and branches to sleep on. 15 more words


Pirate Island

When you’ve got an island growing in your hair…you know it’s time to wash your hair. I wonder if that’s even possible, to grow a plant on your head. 24 more words


Deep Questions

How much do you think about what you think? Pirate doesn’t think about much except food, sleep, and shelter, but maybe there’s hope for her yet. 22 more words


Red Mountain

Did you know people rank mountains by climbing difficulty? I had no idea, but the thought immediately occurs: what would stick people climb for a challenge/fun? 10 more words


Problem Money

It’s not how much you have, it’s what you do with it. If I had fifteen spare dollars, I’d buy food. If I had a few hundred dollars, I’d save some and buy a few games. 42 more words