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Look Before

Today is about caution. And not playing near cliffs. Pirate probably likes to play with Rabbit for fun, but I can see Knight doing more solo activities. 18 more words


Everyday Pirate

It’s my birthday today. But instead of a present for me, I’m giving one for you. Enjoy this wallpaper of Pirate and her friends – no fighting, no drama, no strife (except for Knight and the bees). 13 more words


Five Nights at Freddy's 3

So. This game is coming out. I will not be playing it for fear of heart attacks and/or nightmares. But I have to admit that it looks really cool. 14 more words


In Space

If you don’t get this reference, play some more Portal 2. Also, I just can’t see Knight eating many finger-foods like sandwiches. She probably thinks it’s too messy. 7 more words


Draw a Stickman: Epic Review

Draw a Stickman: Epic is a sequel to the series of stickman games from Hitcents, including Draw a Stickman and Draw a Stickman Episode 2. 454 more words


Everything Soup

That’s it. I have a stick-problem. I can’t keep them out of the pictures — they’ve just got too much character for such small people! Anyways, this was drawn while hungry. 13 more words


Making Luck

Some people (like Pirate) are born lucky. Others make their own luck. Or they cheat. It’s pretty much the same thing. 9 more words