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Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal

What would happen when DreamWorks and Steven Spielberg decide to create something simple? In that case they shall take off from The Terminal and so they did take off with a film that touched your heart and left you speechless. 188 more words



I was thinking…

…as I settled in for the Normal Theater‘s 40th anniversary screening of Jaws, how different the film would be if it were made today. 949 more words

Book To Film Adaptation

REVIEW: "Jurassic World"

When will they ever learn? Sure, the idea of mixing living, breathing dinosaurs with a theme park sounds like a lucrative can’t-miss idea. But three movies have proven that it leads to nothing but disaster (and a boatload of box office cash). 769 more words

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Jurassic World *Spoiler* Review

Hola amigo’s of my friend Aaron. My name is Phoenix and I’m guesting on our friends page. Since on my webpage I don’t have a movie review section I decided to ask my buddy Aaron if I could do a review on his page and he could on mine. 930 more words

Jurassic World (2015)

Stuck in development hell for over a decade & finally brought to life in an effort to pay homage to the 1993 classic instead of rehashing the same formula of the inferior sequels, I gotta say that I’m highly surprised by the way… 1,058 more words

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