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"Why Politicians Need Science": Politico's poor attempt to put science on a pedestal

Politico recently published an article by Michael Shermer titled, Why Politicians Need Science, and sadly, I think it is one of the worst articles I have seen on their site in a long time (besides obvious things such as Ted Cruz’s opinion piece, but for different reasons). 659 more words


Is it 2015 or 1915? I'm confused...

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about this since I have written about it in the past, but it never ceases to amaze me that given our modern mores of reproductive autonomy and agency, reports continue to emerge where women are coerced into sterilization for the “good of society.”  The latest instance is in Nashville, Tennessee, where… 339 more words

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Applied surgery part ІІ


Critical items are the objects that can cause a high risk of infection if contamination takes place with any microorganism. It is the entry or the penetration into sterile tissue, cavity or bloodstream. 212 more words


[ESSAY] The Complex Web of Illegal Sterilization, Black Women and Racism

By Hannah K. Moore

The complexity of violations against the sexual and reproductive rights of black women is even more complex in the context of prison. 1,333 more words

Black Women

Involuntary Sterilization of HIV-Positive Women as Intersectional Discrimination

Congratulations to Dr. Ronli Sifris of Monash University’s Faculty of Law, whose forthcoming article in Human Rights Quarterly is already available online through SSRN: 101 more words


Mary Logan: We Need Science, not Scapegoats, in Sterility Assurance Debate

“How clean is clean enough?” has resurfaced as a pressing question in medical device reprocessing because of national media coverage of superbug outbreaks involving contaminated duodenoscopes. 1,010 more words

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Population Control: Radioactive Maxi-Pads

UNITED NATIONS – China’s war on women features forced abortions, the murder of female infants and now a new outrage: radioactive sanitary napkins.

A shipment of more than half a ton of radioactive sanitary napkins made in China was seized at the Beirut airport Friday, the Daily Star reports. 803 more words